The following shall be established and maintained at the composting facility:
   (A)   Records as approved and requested by the department shall be maintained for three years and shall be accessible to the department. These records shall show:
      (1)   The total number of tons of solid waste accepted and disposed based solely on the difference between the tare weight of each vehicle and/or conveyance, and the gross weight of each vehicle and/or conveyance.
      (2)   General type or types of solid waste accepted, passed through, or rejected.
      (3)   Origin(s) of solid waste accepted or rejected by the facility.
      (4)   The date and time of delivery.
      (5)   The hauler(s) that delivered solid waste to the facility.
   (B)   The operator of a facility shall implement an inventory system and segregation procedure adequate to enable identification of the type(s), origin(s), and destination(s) of solid waste in storage at any time.
   (C)   The composting facility shall be situated, equipped, operated, and maintained as to minimize interference with other activities in the area.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)