(A)   The following shall be established and maintained at the transfer station site:
      (1)   Records approved by the department shall be maintained indicating the type and quantity of solid waste passing through the transfer station. These records shall show:
         (a)   The total number of tons of solid waste accepted and disposed based solely on the difference between the tare weight of each vehicle and/or conveyance and the gross weight of each vehicle and/or conveyance as measured on the scale;
         (b)   General type or types of solid waste accepted, transferred, or rejected;
         (c)   Origin(s) of solid waste accepted;
         (d)   The date and time of delivery; and
         (e)   The hauler(s) that delivered solid waste to the facility;
      (2)   The operator of the facility shall implement an inventory system and segregation procedure sufficient to enable identification of the sources of all containers in storage at any time.
      (3)   The transfer station shall be so equipped, situated, operated and maintained so as to minimize interference with other activities in the area.
   (B)   Operational requirements. A transfer station shall comply with the following operational requirements:
      (1)   Each quarter, the facility shall submit an operating report to the department on a form prescribed by the department. Quarterly reports shall be due on the fifteenth day of April, July, October and January and include the following information for each of the three preceding months:
         (a)   Monthly totals of tons of solid waste received, by county of origin. Tonnage shall be determined by subtracting the tare weight of vehicles and/or conveyances from the gross weight of the vehicles and/or conveyances as measured on the scale;
         (b)   Number of incoming loads accepted at the facility;
         (c)   Number of loads and weight or volume of outgoing and rejected waste, type of outgoing and rejected waste, and the destination of the outgoing and rejected waste; and
         (d)   Other information as requested from time to time by the department that is required by this chapter to be kept by the facility.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)