At a minimum, the following additional requirements shall be met for a sanitary landfill:
   (A)   Requirement to accept solid waste. During the posted hours of operation, the facility shall accept
all solid waste offered for disposal that may legally and reasonably be disposed of at the site.
   (B)   Prohibited wastes.
      (1)   The following shall not be acceptable for deposit in sanitary landfills except in amounts normal in household waste:
         (a)   Liquids, except for approved recirculation of leachate.
         (b)   Any of the following: digested sewage sludges, lime sludges, grit chamber cleanings, bar screenings, and other sludges.
         (c)   In no case will raw sewage, sludge, raw animal manure, or septic tank pumpings be acceptable.
         (d)   Hazardous waste as identified by the MPCA.
         (e)   Industrial solid wastes, including sludge and ash, and other potentially hazardous materials.
         (f)   Radioactive material that exceeds radiation emission limit standards for solid waste as determined by the Minnesota Department of Health or the MPCA.
      (2)   The following wastes in any amount are prohibited from disposal in a sanitary landfill located in the county:
         (a)   Tires;
         (b)   Lead-acid batteries;
         (c)   Major appliances;
         (d)   Trees and tree branches;
         (e)   Waste oil and used oil filters;
         (f)   Yard wastes;
         (g)   Mercury-containing wastes as listed in M.S. § 115A.932, or as amended; and
         (h)   Telephone directories.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)