The following shall be established, constructed, or provided for at the solid waste landfill site except as indicated below:
   (A)   Records. Records as approved and requested by the department shall be maintained and shall be accessible to the department. These records shall show:
      (1)   The total number of tons of solid waste accepted and disposed based solely on the difference between the tare weight of each vehicle and/or conveyance and the gross weight of each vehicle and/or conveyance as measured on the landfill scale;
      (2)   General type or types of solid waste accepted and disposed, passed through, or rejected by the facility;
      (3)   Origin(s) of solid waste accepted and disposed;
      (4)   The date and time of delivery; and
      (5)   The hauler(s) that delivered solid waste to the facility.
   (B)   Scale required. A solid waste landfill shall weigh all incoming solid waste and shall record the weight in tons on a Department of Commerce approved scale. The weights shall be automatically recorded on the scale ticket. For mixed loads, the landfill operator may estimate the percentage of the recorded weight attributable to each waste stream identified in the mixed load. In the event of a mechanical issue that may temporarily render the scale inoperable, the landfill operator shall manually record the weight of each load delivered to the landfill. In such event, the landfill operator shall provide a report to the department identifying the time period during which the scale was inoperable and the reason the scale was inoperable. The report shall be provided with the solid waste landfill’s monthly fee reports.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)