(A)   License application. The hauler shall submit a completed application to the county on a form provided by the department.
   (B)   License fees. The hauler shall pay all license fees to the county with the license application and the license renewal application. The amounts of such license fees will be established no later than October of each year by the County Board. No license fee shall be prorated for a portion of a year and no license fee shall be refunded.
   (C)   Incomplete or non-conforming application. An application shall be deemed incomplete if information is omitted, incomplete, inaccurate, or does not comply with the application requirements, or if the required fees do not accompany the application. If a license application is incomplete or otherwise does not conform to the requirements set forth in this chapter, the department shall advise the applicant of the reasons for non-acceptance and may request that the applicant resubmit, modify, or otherwise alter the application.
   (D)   License term and renewal.
      (1)   Unless otherwise provided by the department, the term of a hauler license shall be one year, from February 1 to January 31, unless sooner renewed, suspended or revoked.
      (2)   License renewal applications shall be submitted to the department by January 15 of each year. License renewal applications received after that date shall be subject to a late fee as determined by the County Board.
   (E)   License non-transferable. Licenses granted by the department under this section are not transferable to other persons.
   (F)   Specific licensing requirement. The hauler shall submit the following information to the county on a form provided by the department:
      (1)   A list of all vehicles, including satellite vehicles, to be used for solid waste collection and transportation, specifying make, model, and year for each vehicle; each vehicles rated capacity, tare weight, license plate number, state issued registration number, and the designated facility number, if applicable, exclusively issued for that specific vehicle.
      (2)   The total number of commercial accounts in the county, the total number of residential accounts in the county, the days of the week solid waste is collected for each city and township in the county if an MSW hauler.
      (3)   A description of the company’s recycling and other solid waste abatement activities.
      (4)   Certificate(s) of insurance pursuant to § 156.029.
   (G)   Inspection. The department may inspect and approve all solid waste collection and transportation vehicles, and containers to ensure compliance with this chapter. If a vehicle and/or container are found to be deficient, the hauler shall be given a reasonable opportunity, as determined by the department, to correct and/or repair the deficiency and seek re-approval from the department.
   (H)   Record examination. The department or its duly authorized agent shall have the right to examine business records related to data as required pursuant to § 156.027 including computer records maintained by the hauler. The department upon prior notification shall be allowed access during normal business hours to inspect and copy all business records to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with § 156.027. Such records shall be maintained by the hauler for a minimum of six years.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)