A permit application shall include the following:
   (A)   Owner’s and operator’s name and address;
   (B)   Location, or proposed location, of the animal feedlot including quarter, section, range and township;
   (C)   Animal types and maximum number of animals of each type which will be confined at the feedlot;
   (D)   A scale drawing clearly indicating the dimensions of the feedlot and showing all existing homes, buildings, existing manure storage areas and/or structures, lakes, ponds, watercourses, wetlands, dry-runs, rock outcroppings, roads and wells within 1,000 feet of the proposed feedlot;
   (E)   Descriptions of the soil types, ground water elevations, topography and drainage pattern of the site and surrounding area;
   (F)   Plans for buildings and structures as required by this chapter and/or other county and state ordinances and regulations;
   (G)   A manure and waste management plan including:
      (1)   Manure handling and application techniques;
      (2)   Acreage available for manure application;
      (3)   Runoff potential;
      (4)   Plans for proposed manure storage or pollution abatement structures; and
      (5)   Plans for the proper disposal of dead livestock.
   (H)   Leases or agreements allowing the applicant to dispose of manure on land other than his or her own;
   (I)   Application fees, permit fees and such other fees as established by resolution of the County Board; and
   (J)   Any provision in this chapter which requires a conditional use permit shall be administered as required by § 155.029 of this code of ordinances.
(Ord. 06-02, passed 4-4-2006)