Any person owning or operating a proposed or existing animal feedlot having ten animal units or more in a shoreland area, or 50 animal units or more anywhere else, shall make application to the Feedlot Administrator for a feedlot permit if any of the following conditions exist:
   (A)   A new animal feedlot is proposed;
   (B)   A change in operation of an existing animal feedlot is proposed; a CHANGE IN OPERATION includes:
      (1)   A change in the construction or operation of an animal feedlot that would significantly or adversely affect the storage, handling, utilization or disposal of animal manure;
      (2)   An increase beyond the registered number of animal units;
      (3)   Any construction of a building or the expansion of a dirt or concrete lot that contains livestock; and/or
      (4)   An increase in the number of animal units to ten or more which are confined at an unregistered animal feedlot.
   (C)   A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit application is required under state or federal rules and regulations; and
   (D)   An inspection by Agency staff or the County Feedlot Administrator determines that the animal feedlot creates or maintains a potential pollution hazard.
(Ord. 06-02, passed 4-4-2006)