(A)   (1)   This chapter shall be administered by the County Planning and Zoning Office with the assistance of the Wright Soil and Water Conservation District.
      (2)   The County Board of Commissioners shall appoint the County Feedlot Administrator to discharge the duties of this Department under this chapter.
   (B)   The County Feedlot Administrator shall have the following duties and powers:
      (1)   Administer and enforce this chapter;
      (2)   Issue construction short-form permits and interim permits;
      (3)   Receive and forward applications for state-administered permits together with county recommendations to the state’s Pollution Control Agency;
      (4)   Supervise the keeping of all necessary records including those related to feedlot and manure management and construction of manure storage and runoff control structures and/or practices;
      (5)   Consult with SWCD, NRCS, MPCA and private consultants as necessary to ensure construction standards are followed on manure handling and runoff control structures;
      (6)   Maintain a record of all permits and registration material;
      (7)   Provide and maintain a public information bureau relative to this chapter;
      (8)   Educate the public and feedlot operators to issues of this chapter such as potential feedlot pollution problems;
      (9)   Oversee the inspection of feedlot operations to ensure compliance with this chapter;
      (10)   Consult with other county departments, state and federal agencies and private consultants as needed to discharge these duties.
      (11)   Fulfill the requirements of a county feedlot pollution control officer as set out in Minn. Rules part 7020.1600, subpart 2.
(Ord. 06-02, passed 4-4-2006)