(A)   As a condition of obtaining an explosives storage license, the proposed licensee shall demonstrate financial responsibility to pay claims of liability for personal injury, economic loss, response costs and natural resources damage that the proposed licensee may incur as a result of explosion or any other harm resulting from use of the explosive storage license. The amount of the operator’s financial responsibility must be at least $1,000,000.
   (B)   (1)   The County Board of Commissioners may require a higher level of financial responsibility as a condition of an explosive storage license depending upon the size of the facility, the location of the facility, the types of explosives that will be accepted at the facility, the other factors affecting the risk of an explosion and potential liability.
      (2)   The proposed licensee may demonstrate financial responsibility by either an approved bond or an approved insurance policy. The licensee shall maintain financial responsibility as provided in this section during the storage of explosives or other use of the explosives storage licensee.
(Ord. 85-3, passed 2-12-1985)