(A)   In granting an explosives storage license or the alteration of an existing explosives storage license, the County Board of Commissioners may impose, in addition to these standards and requirements expressly specified by this chapter, additional conditions which the County Board of Commissioners considers necessary to protect the best interest of the surrounding area or the community as a whole.
   (B)   These conditions may include, but are not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Increasing the required lot size or yard dimension;
      (2)   Limiting the height, size or location of buildings;
      (3)   Controlling the location and number of vehicle access points;
      (4)   Increasing the street width;
      (5)   Increasing the number of required off-street parking spaces;
      (6)   Limiting the number, size, location or lighting of signs;
      (7)   Requiring diking, fencing, screening, landscaping or other facilities to protect adjacent or nearby property; and
      (8)   Designating sites for open space.
(Ord. 85-3, passed 2-12-1985)