(A)   Posting of license and presence of applicant at dance.  The license shall be posted in a visible place at said dance.  The applicant shall be present at all times while the dance is occurring.
   (B)   Liquor license required.  No person shall give, hold, conduct or license any public dance where liquor will be served, as defined in M.S. Chapter 340A, without obtaining the appropriate separate liquor license from the city.
   (C)   Security officer presence.  A security officer or officers must be present at all times while said public dance is being held, until all of the participants have left the public dancing place.
   (D)   Hours. No public dance shall occur between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on any day.
   (E)   Minors denied admission.  No person under the age of 21 shall be allowed to be present by the license holder or any security officer at a public dance where alcohol is sold or consumed, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
   (F)   Intoxicated persons.  A licensed premise shall not admit or permit to remain on the premises any individual who is intoxicated or who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, illegal controlled substances, or hazardous substances.
   (G)   Illegal activities. A licensee shall not allow any person to use or sell illegal controlled substances anywhere on the licensed premises, including any parking areas contiguous thereto.
   (H)   Conduct. No person present shall engage in any disorderly conduct as defined by M.S. § 609.72 or Wothington Code § 130.01, and any disorderly person shall be immediately removed from the dance by the security officer present.  Should a substantial number of persons engage in disorderly conduct, the security officer shall terminate the dance and remove all persons from the public dancing place.
   (I)   Lighting. In order to protect the safety of the persons attending a public dance, the location shall be adequately illuminated and dancing therein while lights are extinguished, dimmed or turned low so as to give inadequate or imperfect illumination is hereby prohibited.  All exit areas shall be illuminated at all times during the public dance.
   (J)   Noise.  All public dances shall be subject to the provisions of this code regulating unlawful noise.
(Ord. 937, passed 7-8-02)  Penalty, see § 119.99