§ 156.15  HEIGHT LIMITS.
   (A)   For the purpose of determining the height limits in all zones set forth in this chapter or shown on the zoning map, the datum shall be mean sea level elevation unless otherwise specified.
   (B)   All height limits set forth in any zone in this chapter shall be increased in height over any traverse way as follows:
      (1)   Interstate highways:  Increase height limit by 17 feet.
      (2)   All other public roadways:  Increase height limit by 15 feet.
      (3)   Private roads:  Increase height limit by 10 feet, or by the height of the highest mobile object that would normally traverse the road, whichever is greater.
      (4)   Railroads:  Increase height limit by 23 feet.
      (5)   Waterways and all other traverse ways not previously mentioned:  Increase height limit by an amount equal to the highest object that would normally traverse the waterway or other traverse way.
   (C)   Where an area is covered by more than one height limitation, the more restrictive limitation shall apply.
(Ord. passed 9-15-77)  Penalty, see § 156.99