§ 152.061  SUBDIVISIONS.
   No land may be subdivided which is unsuitable for reasons of flooding or inadequate drainage, water supply or sewage treatment facilities. Manufactured home parks and recreational vehicle parks or campgrounds are considered subdivisions under this chapter.
   (A)   All lots within the floodplain districts must be able to contain a building site outside of the floodway district at or above the regulatory flood protection elevation.
   (B)   All subdivisions must have road access both to the subdivision and to the individual building sites no lower than two feet below the regulatory flood protection elevation in a Zone AE. In an AO Zone, all new principal structures must have vehicular access at an elevation not more than one foot below the required elevation of fill for structures in that zone. An exception to these requirements may be allowed if a flood warning emergency plan for the safe evacuation of all vehicles and people during the regional (1% chance) flood has been approved by the City Council. The plan must be prepared by a registered engineer or other qualified individual, and must demonstrate that adequate time and personnel exist to carry out the evacuation.
   (C)   For all subdivisions in the floodplain, the floodway and flood fringe district boundaries, the regulatory flood protection elevation and the required elevation of all access roads must be clearly labeled on all required subdivision drawings and platting documents.
   (D)   In the general floodplain district, applicants must provide the information required in § 152.051 to determine the regional flood elevation, the floodway and flood fringe district boundaries and the regulatory flood protection elevation for the subdivision site.
   (E)   If a subdivision proposal or other proposed new development is in a flood prone area, any such proposal must be reviewed to assure that:
      (1)   All such proposals are consistent with the need to minimize flood damage within the flood prone area;
      (2)   All public utilities and facilities, such as sewer, gas, electrical, and water systems are located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage; and
      (3)   Adequate drainage is provided to reduce exposure of flood hazard.
(Ord. 1079, passed 4-14-14)