In addition to its legislative power and its executive authority and its power to prescribe by ordinance or resolution the manner in which any power of the Municipality may be exercised, the Council shall have the authority to:
   (1)   Appoint and remove the City Manager, appoint an Acting City Manager in the event the position of City Manager is vacant, and establish the salary for such positions by ordinance;
   (2)   Establish administrative departments, define their duties and procedures, and confirm the appointment of officers in unclassified positions and fix the salaries and wages for all employees;
   (3)   Adopt the municipal budget;
   (4)   Appoint and remove the members of the Municipal Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and of any board, commission, or committee created or authorized by this Charter or by ordinance or resolution of Council;
   (5)   Adopt and modify the official map of the Municipality;
   (6)   Regulate and restrict the use of public and private real estate in the interests of the health, safety, morals, and welfare of the people by establishing use zones and limiting area, land use, and building heights therein;
   (7)   Adopt and approve subdivision plats and establish subdivision regulations therefor;
   (8)   Authorize the levy and collection of taxes and the issuance of notes and bonds as provided in this Charter or as otherwise authorized by the laws of the State of Ohio;
   (9)   Authorize an audit of the accounts of the Municipality or any officer or department thereof in such manner and means as Council shall deem necessary and appropriate;
   (10)   Establish an Architectural District and appoint an Architectural Review Board, in accordance with Sec. 6.03(7) of this Charter, to exercise such powers within the Architectural District as are established by ordinance.
   (11)   Adopt, and review at least annually, a policy on the investment of funds held by the City.
   The Council may delegate the administration of any and all municipal affairs to the City Manager who shall be responsible to the Council for the performance thereof.
(Amended November 8, 2016)