(a)   (1)   Completion within 180 days. The Collocation or new Wireless Support Structure for which a Small Cell Permit is granted shall be completed within 180 days after issuance of the Small Cell Permit unless the City and the Applicant agree to extend this period.  The City will agree to an extension if the delay is caused by (a) make-ready work for a City-owned Wireless Support Structure, or (b) the lack of commercial power or backhaul availability at the site, provided that the Operator has made a timely request within sixty (60) days after the issuance of the Small Cell Permit for commercial power or backhaul services.  The additional time to complete installation may not exceed a total of 360 days after the issuance of the Small Cell Permit. 
      (2)   Procedure for request for extension of time.  In situations when completion will not occur within 180 days after issuance of the Small Cell Permit, the Applicant may request an extension of time.  Such extension request must be completed utilizing the City's extension of time form, which will include the length of time being requested and the reason for the delay.  The extension must be filed with the Department of Service & Engineering.
   (b)   Requirement for Work Permit. Prior to commencing work in the Right of Way, the Applicant must obtain a right of way work permit from the Director of Service & Engineering as required in Section 949.06 (c).  In most instances, this work permit will be able to be issued in conjunction with and utilizing the materials included for an application for Small Cell Permits issued under this Chapter.  Once the work authorized by the right of way work permit commences, it should be completed within 45 days.
(Ord. 38-2018.  Passed 7-16-18.)