(a)   City Council shall adopt by resolution detailed Design Guidelines with objective, technically feasible criteria applied in a non-discriminatory manner that reasonably match the aesthetics and character of the immediate area regarding all of the following, which the City shall consider in reviewing an application:
      (1)    The location of any ground-mounted Small Cell Facilities;
      (2)    The location of a Small Cell Facility on a Wireless Support Structure;
      (3)    The appearance and concealment of Small Cell Facilities, including those relating to materials used for arranging, screening, and landscaping;
      (4)    The design and appearance of a Wireless Support Structure.
   (b)   The provisions in this section shall not limit or prohibit the discretion of the City Manager or Director of Service & Engineering to promulgate and make publicly available other information, materials, forms, or requirements in addition to, and separate from, the Design Guidelines so long as the information, materials, forms, or requirements do not conflict with this Chapter or other applicable state or federal law.
   (c)   Waiver of Guidelines.  In the event that strict compliance with any provision in these guidelines, as applied to a specific proposed Small Cell Facility, would effectively prohibit the provision of personal wireless services, the City Manager may grant a limited, one-time exemption from strict compliance.
(Ord. 38-2018.  Passed 7-16-18.)