The Municipal Planning Commission shall have the following powers and it shall be its duty to:
   (a)   Recommend to Council a master plan, official map, area plans, development standards for the Municipality and at least every five years undertake a review and recommend appropriate revision of the master plan;
   (b)   Report to Council on the land use planning needs of the Municipality and recommend to Council amendments to the zoning plan and ordinances of the Municipality;
   (c)   Recommend to Council for newly annexed areas;
   (d)   Recommend to Council action on applications for rezoning;
   (e)   Recommend to Council subdivision platting where proposals comply with development standards of the Municipality and determine the disposition of requests for subdivision without plat in R-16 and R-10 Zoning Districts;
   (f)   Recommend to Council action on development plans as required by Chapters 1173 and 1175;
   (g)   Hear and determine the disposition of requests for conditional use permits;
   (h)   Act as the Board of Architectural Review as provided by ordinance.  Council shall annually appoint as additional voting members of the Board two representatives of the Architectural Review District, one or both of whom shall be a resident freeholder of such District; and
   (i)   Perform such other duties as may be appropriate or necessary.
      (Ord. 22-87.  Passed 5-11-87.)