A.   Authority: The chief of the police department may make or prescribe such rules and regulations as he shall deem advisable. Such rules, when approved by the president and board of trustees, shall be binding upon the members of the police department and may cover, besides the conduct of the members, uniforms and equipment to be worn or carried, hours of service, vacations and all other similar matters necessary or desirable for the better efficiency of the department. (1970 Code §32.9)
   B.   Rules Adopted:
      1.   There are hereby adopted the rules of the village of Worth police department 1981, a copy of which rules are attached to the ordinance codified herein, on file in the office of the village clerk. These rules do hereby supersede any rules heretofore in force and effect.
      2.   The chief of police of the village police department shall maintain at police headquarters, three (3) copies of the rules of the village of Worth police department 1981. The rules shall be in pamphlet form and shall be available to all officers and employees of the village police department at all times. In addition, the chief of police shall file copies of the rules with the village clerk and with the board of police and fire commissioners of the village. (Ord. 81-6, 2-17-1981)