A.   Directions And Orders: Crossing guards will be under the direction of the police department, shall receive orders from the chief of police and operate at the direction of and in cooperation with any police officer assisting at a crossing. Crossing guards are not to be considered full time employees 1 .
   B.   Seniority Rights: No seniority rights will be given to any regular guard who has taken more than one school term off. Should he return to work after the year, it will be at the base pay.
   C.   Rights And Duties:
      1.   All regular guards will be required to be on duty the first day of school or within a five (5) day period thereafter, or the alternate guard will be allowed to retain the crossing for the full term.
      2.   No guard will have the right to request another guard's station.
      3.   Regular guards will have the right to request a corner that is vacant, with seniority being given preference.
      4.   Only duly appointed alternate guards will serve in the absence of a regular guard.
      5.   Alternate guards will have the right to become regular guards if a crossing becomes available, and will be given the opportunity according to their seniority as alternates. (Ord. 72-20, 9-19-1972; amd. 1995 Code)



1. See also section 1-6-7 of this code.