A.   Definition:
      1.   The deputy chief of police is a management assignment appointed by the chief of police with the concurrence of the village president and board of trustees. The deputy chief of police shall be chosen from any member of the police department, and shall be an exempt rank duty assignment immediately below that of police chief. The chief of police may remove the deputy chief at any time, and any officer so removed shall revert to the permanent rank and salary he/she had prior to the exempt duty assignment.
   B.   Duties:
      1.   In any emergency situation, or during the absence of the chief of police, the deputy chief of police shall assume all of the duties of the chief of police and shall exercise all powers of the chief of police.
      2.   In an emergency situation, if the chief of police is not physically or otherwise capable of carrying out his duties, the president of the village board, may, at his discretion appoint the deputy chief as the acting chief of police, until such time as the village board can ratify that decision.
      3.   The deputy chief of police shall perform any such field operations as directed by the chief of police, shall cause inspections to be made on all members of the department, shall conduct periodic inspections of personnel, equipment, vehicles, evidence and facilities under the control of the department, and shall perform administrative and special details as defined by the chief of police.
   C.   Qualifications:
      1.   The deputy chief shall have the knowledge, training, and experience required for this level of work, including, but not limited to: completion of college level course work in police science, public administration or related field, shall have demonstrated ability at the management/supervisory level of the department and other requirements as mandated by the chief of police. The deputy chief shall have at least five (5) years of full time service as a police officer in the department.
   D.   Salary: The deputy chief of police shall receive the salary established by the salary ordinance approved by the board of trustees. (Ord. 11-37, 12-20-2011)