A.   State License: All commercial medical marijuana businesses permitted hereunder shall hold a valid license issued by the State of Oklahoma at all times, shall be permitted by the City of Woodward and shall comply with all State Statutes, regulations, and administrative rules.
   B.   Compliance With Codes And Regulations: All activities shall be in compliance with all City Building Codes, zoning regulations, and business regulations.
   C.   Odors: Odors shall be contained on the property on which the commercial medical marijuana business activity is located. Upon the receipt of any odor complaint, permittees shall coordinate with City officials to correct odor concerns. Unresolved or repeated odor complaints may be the basis for revocation of the permit or denial of permit renewal.
   D.   Alarm And Surveillance Systems: All permittees shall maintain a monitored commercial burglar alarm system, and shall install a video surveillance system.
   E.   Police Notification: A permittee shall notify the Woodward Police Department within twenty four (24) hours after discovering any of the following:
      1.   Diversion, theft, loss, or any criminal activity involving marijuana or any agent or employee of the permittee.
      2.   The loss or unauthorized alteration of records related to the commercial medical marijuana business.
      3.   Significant discrepancies identified during any inventory.
      4.   Any other breach of security.
   F.   Labeling: All labels and packages of marijuana shall meet all State and Federal labeling requirements. (Ord. 1672, 8-6-2018)