A.   Any appellant aggrieved with the findings of the zoning board of appeals may appeal to the city council by filing a notice of appeal with the city manager within ten (10) days after notification of the board's decision.
   B.   The city manager shall set a date for hearing the appeal before the city council. The hearing for any such appeal shall be set not less than five (5) days nor more than thirty (30) days from the date of the filing of a notice of appeal.
   C.   The city manager shall notify the board chair, the appellant and any other person having an interest in the proceedings.
   D.   After the hearing, the city council shall approve or disapprove the appeal. A super majority vote of the city council shall be required to overturn any decision of the zoning board of appeals or to decide in favor of the appellant. (Ord. 08-O-68, 11-4-2008; amd. Ord. 15-O-62, 10-6-2015)