A.   Intent: It is the intent of this section to make it mandatory upon the person doing the work to prevent any ditch or excavation from remaining open for a long period of time while the work is in progress, in order that the general public may be safeguarded against any hazardous conditions which would be brought about by such work. (1976 Code §15-32)
   B.   Compliance With Provisions: Whenever any improvements such as water mains, storm sewer drains or sanitary sewerage mains, or any excavation are to be constructed, laid or made in public rights of way or upon private property, the person doing the work shall comply with the requirements of this section. (1976 Code §15-33)
   C.   Barricades, Safety Devices 1 : It shall be the duty of the person doing the work to provide adequate and safe barricades or other safety devices at the ditches so opened up while construction is in progress and before the work is backfilled. (1976 Code §15-34)
   D.   Inspections, Special Requirements: The director of public works or the village engineer, while work is in progress and before the excavations are backfilled, shall make such inspections as are necessary in order to determine that no excavation is left unguarded or unattended. They may require such proper barricades or fencing or other devices to be placed at the excavation so opened as in their judgment is necessary to make the area safe for the public, including the right to require the excavation to be pumped dry or filled. (1976 Code §15-36; amd. Ord. 2011-21, 5-12-2011)
   E.   Backfilling: Upon completion of the work and inspection, and upon approval by the village engineer, the person doing the work shall immediately backfill opened ditches. (1976 Code §15-35)



1. See also subsection 7-5A-6C of this title and subsection 8-1A-7C of this code.