A.   Harmful Deposits:
      1.   Harmful Deposits Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit on any street, sidewalk, bike path or public right-of-way any dirt, clay, black dirt, sand, gravel, cement, brick, rubbish, refuse or waste material of any kind, or any material or thing which might cause injury to persons, animals or vehicles. (Ord. 2004-30, 5-20-2004)
      2.   Permit For Certain Deposits: The Department of Public Works, upon proper application, may issue a permit to any person allowing the deposit of rubbish or waste material upon a Village street when said deposit is necessary for the purpose of excavation or filling operations. Said permit shall be for a definite period of time, and at the end of the specified period of time, the street or streets shall be cleaned and kept clean to the satisfaction of the Department of Public Works.
      3.   Administration Of Provisions: The Police Department, in consultation with the Department of Public Works, is hereby authorized to administer this subsection and in the case of hauling and excavation work, they are empowered to close down the work unless the streets are cleaned and kept clean to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works throughout the duration of the operation. (1976 Code §15-2; amd. 1991 Code; Ord. 2011-21, 5-12-2011)
   B.   Snow Deposits: It shall be unlawful to deposit on any public sidewalks or public streets any snow which accumulates upon and is removed from any adjacent private property or from the area between the adjacent lot line and curb line of the street. (1976 Code §15-3)