A.   Request For Services: Any person, firm, corporation or civic group or organization may request special police services by application to the chief of police. It shall be the duty of the chief of police to review the application. (Ord. 93-38, 7-8-1993)
   B.   Charges For Services: Should the chief of police determine that the requested services will disrupt the normal operation of the police department or will result in additional expense to the village, the applicant will be informed that a charge will be made by the village for the requested special police services. If the applicant agrees to payment of the charge, the chief of police shall assign one or more persons to provide said special police services. The charge to the applicant, payable to the village, shall be at a rate based on the average rate of pay for sworn officers below the rank of deputy chief of police and shall be established annually (May 1 of each year) by the chief of police, except that the charge for special police services which are required by this code or require the direction of vehicular traffic shall be at a rate of forty dollars ($40.00) per person for each hour served. (Ord. 2002-29, 6-13-2002)
   C.   Denial Of Request: Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions, should the chief of police determine that the request for special police services is not appropriate or that the police department will not be able to provide an appropriate level of service were such request to be granted, he may deny any such request. (Ord. 93-38, 7-8-1993)