5-1-5: ARRESTS:
   A.   Arrest Powers: The members of the police department of the village are hereby severally authorized to arrest, with or without process, or on view, any person who shall break the peace or is found violating any ordinance of the village or any criminal law of the state, and to take such person before the circuit court judge, or if necessary, detain such person in custody overnight or Sunday in the village jail 1 , or any other safe place until he can be brought before the proper judge for future disposition. (1976 Code §11-10)
   B.   Arrest Records: It shall be the duty of the chief of police to keep a record of the names of all persons arrested or committed to the village jail or county jail. Such record shall show the date of arrest or committal, the number of days imprisoned, the amount of the fine, when and to whom paid, and the date of discharge or other disposition of such persons. (1976 Code §11-6)
   C.   Arresting Officer To Appear As Witness: All officers making arrests shall attend as witnesses before the court where the trial may be had and shall procure all necessary evidence in their power and furnish a list of witnesses to the court and the village legal counsel. No village officer shall be entitled to any witness fees to be taxed against the village in any action for the violation of an ordinance where the village is plaintiff. (1976 Code §11-11)



1. See section 1-4-5 of this code.