The chief of police is a sworn, exempt position, reporting directly to the village administrator and responsible for the administration and direction of the police department. The chief of police coordinates all functions of the police department and formulates and prescribes work methods and procedures to be followed by all sworn and civilian personnel of the department. (1976 Code §2-90)
It shall be the duty of the chief of police to:
   A.   Plan department goals and objectives based on the input of the village administrator, mayor and board of trustees in order to determine further public safety requirements for both equipment and manpower.
   B.   Plan and direct police activities utilizing the divisions of support and field services in a coordinated manner in order to effectively control emergencies such as major crimes, arson, tornadoes, floods, riots and any natural disaster or civil disturbance.
   C.   Develop and maintain safety and accident prevention programs to reduce on duty accidents and injuries.
   D.   Investigate and act on complaints for evidence of employee misconduct, discrimination or abuse of authority.
   E.   Assist in the development of testing criteria, the testing, hiring, evaluation, retention and termination of recruit officers to ensure the best candidates are accepted for service and retention.
   F.   Coordinate police department budget proposals and provide for budget control after budget adoption.
   G.   Keep abreast of court decisions, both state and federal, affecting the directing, staffing and training of the police department, as well as all ordinances, statutes and their development, revision, amending and rescinding, and to maintain a working knowledge of police procedures and operations, and maintain personal firearm proficiency.
   H.   Maintain liaison with local police agencies and with county, state and federal judiciary to ensure mutual cooperation and understanding.
   I.   Hire civilian personnel in accordance with established procedures to fill vacant positions and to provide training for all department employees developing personnel skills and providing cooperative and cross training to assure department effectiveness and efficiency.
   J.   Prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of police activities and maintain a record of all monetary transactions within the department. (1976 Code §2-91)
The chief of police shall, prior to the end of the first quarter of each fiscal year, make an annual report in writing to the corporate authorities on the state of the police department with a detailed report of the transactions of the department for the preceding year, with such statistics and suggestions in regard to the requirements of the department as he may deem advisable. The chief of police shall also make reports of any matter or thing concerning such department whenever requested by the village administrator and/or the mayor and board of trustees. (1976 Code §11-5)
   K.   Execute or cause to be executed all orders directed to him by the county health department, so far as they relate to the preservation of the health of the village. (1976 Code §11-4)



2. See subsection 1-4-5B, title 1, chapter 6, article H and section 2-4-7 of this code.