A.   Classifications Designated: There is hereby established the following classifications of employees of the police department:
      1.   Civilian: Shall include all employees performing in any regular police department work classification which does not require certification as a police officer. Such employees shall not be under the jurisdiction of the board of police commissioners 1 of the village.
      2.   Sworn: Shall include all certified police personnel with the rank of patrolman through and including sergeant and shall include all probationary patrol officers.
      3.   Exempt: Shall include all police command personnel above the rank of sergeant. Said personnel shall not be under the jurisdiction of the board of police commissioners of the village 2 . (1976 Code §11-16; amd. Ord. 93-26, 5-27-1993)
   B.   Appointment Of Civilian Positions: The chief of police is hereby granted the authority to appoint individuals to positions in the civilian classifications as defined herein subject to the concurrence of the village administrator. Individuals so appointed shall serve subject to the supervision of the chief of police who shall have authority to discipline, suspend, demote or discharge the individuals so appointed at any time, subject to the advice and consent of the village administrator and further subject to the rules and regulations of the village and the police department.
   C.   Certified Employees Appointed As Civilian Or Exempt: If an employee classified as a certified police officer of the police department is appointed to a civilian or exempt classification as hereinabove defined prior to being eligible to retire on pension, said employee shall be considered as on furlough from the rank held immediately prior to appointment. If said employee resigns or is discharged from said classification prior to attaining eligibility to retire on pension, the employee shall revert to and be established in such prior rank, and thereafter be entitled to all the benefits and emoluments of such prior rank without regard as to whether a vacancy then exists in such rank. (1976 Code §11-16)



1. See title 2, chapter 4 of this code.
2. See title 2, chapter 4 of this code.