A.   Authority: Village representatives shall from time to time, make an inspection of each establishment granted a permit under the provisions of this chapter for the purposes of determining that there is compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Such inspections shall be made at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner. (Ord. 2015-72, 12-17-2015)
   B.   Licensee Cooperation: A licensee shall permit representatives of the village to inspect the licensed premises and the licensed massage establishment for the purpose of determining compliance with the provisions of this chapter and all other applicable law at any time during which the licensed premises is occupied or the massage establishment is open for business.
   C.   Interference Or Refusal: It shall be unlawful for the licensee, any massage establishment employee, or any other person to prohibit, interfere with, or refuse to allow, any lawful inspection conducted by the village pursuant to this chapter or any other authority.
   D.   Revocation: Any such prohibition, interference, or refusal shall be grounds for revocation as provided otherwise in this title. (Ord. 2011-43, 9-8-2011)