In addition to the requirements as set forth in this title, no license shall be issued until the applicant shall have been investigated by the village chief of police or designee and a report filed approving the new applicant. New applicant shall not be licensed until said new applicant and managers, if any, have been fingerprinted and photographed by the village chief of police, or his or her designee, and record searches made of the files of the sheriffs of DuPage and/or Will Counties, the Illinois bureau of investigations, the federal bureau of investigation and any other record agency that the chief of police shall deem necessary. A copy of the fingerprints and photographs shall be retained in the files of the chief of police, and a sworn affidavit from the chief of police clearing the applicant shall be filed with the village clerk. Payment of all costs associated with any investigation or criminal background check pursuant to this chapter shall be paid by the applicant. (Ord. 2011-43, 9-8-2011)