Any person desiring to obtain a massage establishment license shall be made in writing to the village clerk and shall comply with all of the provisions of this title relating to such application. The village clerk or designee shall have the right to confirm any of the information asked for or provided in the application. Applications shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
   A.   The name (including any nicknames or aliases), address, telephone number, social security number, and age of the applicant.
   B.   The name and residence address of each applicant (hereinafter all provisions which refer to applicant include an applicant which may be a corporation, limited liability company or partnership).
   C.   If applicant is a corporation or limited liability company, the names and residence addresses of each of the officers and directors of said corporation or company and of each stockholder owning more than ten percent (10%) of the stock of the corporation or company, and the address of the corporation or company itself, if different from the address of the massage establishment.
   D.   If applicant is a partnership, the names and residence addresses of each of the partners including limited partners, and the address of the partnership itself, if different from the address of the massage establishment.
   E.   The two (2) previous addresses immediately prior to the present address of the applicant.
   F.   The name and address of any massage business or other establishment owned or operated by any person whose name is required to be given in subsections A through D of this section wherein the business or profession of massage is carried on.
   G.   A complete statement of all convictions of the applicant as follows:
      1.   Any offense involving sexual misconduct with children or other sex offenses as defined in 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1-1 et seq.; or
      2.   A felony based upon conduct or involvement in a massage establishment or related or similar business or activity, within the past ten (10) years; or
      3.   A felony unrelated to conduct or involvement in a massage establishment or related or similar business or activity, but which felony involved the use of a deadly weapon, traffic in narcotic drugs, or violence against another person, including rape, within the past five (5) years; or
      4.   A misdemeanor or licensing ordinance violation based upon conduct or involvement in a massage establishment or related or similar business or activity, within the past two (2) years.
   H.   Business, occupation, or employment of the applicant for three (3) years immediately preceding the date of application.
   I.   The massage or similar business license history of the applicant; whether such person, in previously operating in this or another village or state, has had a business license revoked or suspended, the reason therefor, and the business activity or occupation subsequent to such action of suspension or revocation.
   J.   The location or description of the massage establishment which is to be operated under such license, and the following information:
      1.   The specific type or types of massage establishment(s) that the applicant proposes to operate in the licensed premises.
      2.   The specific name of the business that is to be operated under the massage establishment license.
      3.   A diagram showing the internal and external configuration of the licensed premises, including all doors, windows, entrances, exits, the fixed structural internal features of the licensed premises, plus the interior rooms, walls, partitions, stages, performance areas, and restrooms. A professionally prepared diagram in the nature of an engineer's or architect's blueprint shall not be required; provided, however that each diagram shall be oriented to the north or to some designated street or object and shall be drawn to a designated scale or with marked dimensions to an accuracy of plus or minus six inches (±6") and sufficient to show clearly the various interior dimensions of all areas of the licensed premises and to demonstrate compliance with the provisions of this section.
      4.   If owned, a copy of the deed. If leased, a copy of the lease shall be provided and the lease shall be for a term of sufficient length to encompass the term of the license sought.
      5.   The name and address of the owner or owners of the premises and the names and addresses of all the owners of the beneficial interest of any trust if said premises is held in trust.
      6.   The name of the individual or individuals who shall be the day to day, on site managers of the proposed massage establishment. If the manager is other than the applicant, the applicant shall provide, for each manager, all of the information required pursuant to subsections A, B, C and D of this section.
      7.   The licensee of every massage establishment shall maintain a register of all of its massage establishment employees. The register shall be maintained for all current employees and all employees employed at any time during the preceding thirty six (36) months. The licensee shall make the register of its massage establishment employees available for inspection by the village immediately upon demand at all reasonable times. For each such employee, the register shall include the following information:
         a.   Legal name.
         b.   Any and all aliases.
         c.   Date of birth.
         d.   Gender.
         e.   Social security number.
         f.   Date of commencement of employment.
         g.   Date of employment termination, if applicable.
         h.   Specific job or employment duties.
         i.   A copy of any massage therapist license issued to such employee pursuant to state law.
   K.   In the event applicant is made aware that any information or document submitted as part of this application process is or becomes inaccurate or incomplete, applicant shall immediately notify the village and provide appropriate corrections. Failure to accurately and completely provide required information may delay the processing of such application or result in its denial.
   L.   Such additional information or identification as the village may request. (Ord. 2015-72, 12-17-2015)