10-1-2: PURPOSE:
This title is adopted for the following purposes:
   A.   To provide one of several means for carrying out the intent of the evolving comprehensive plan and thus ensure sound, harmonious development and community growth.
   B.   To ensure the development of land to the highest possible standards of design with all the necessary protection against deterioration and obsolescence which would adversely affect the living environment or tax base.
   C.   To provide a procedure for a sound working relationship between the village and the developer and to safeguard the interests of the homeowner, the subdivider, the investor and the village.
   D.   To control the scattered and premature platting of lots beyond the effective operating range of existing public utilities and improvements.
   E.   To ensure that the cost of design and installation of improvements in new, platted subdivisions will be borne by the persons purchasing the lot rather than by property owners who have already paid for the improvements servicing their property in their own subdivisions already developed.
   F.   To coordinate new subdivision design with the design of the village as a whole.
   G.   To secure the rights of the public with respect to public lands and waters.
   H.   To improve land records by establishing standards for surveys and plats. (1976 Code §16-2)