In accordance with the Open Meetings Act 1 , the following procedures are established for when a member of the public wishes to record an open meeting of a commission or ad hoc committee of the Village. Members of the public have no right to attend or record at closed meetings. These procedures apply to all open meetings of the commissions or ad hoc committees of the Village, including regular, rescheduled or special meetings and study/workshop sessions.
   A.   Any individual seeking to record an open meeting of a commission or committee shall comply with the following:
      1.   No flashbulbs, floodlights or similar lighting may be used during meetings of the commission or committee, without the prior approval of the commission or committee. No person recording a meeting may disrupt a meeting or interfere with the orderly communication among or the unobstructed vision of the participants in the meeting, or of the general public in attendance.
      2.   Photographic and television equipment may be restricted by the commission or committee Chairperson to designated areas of the room in which a meeting is being conducted, but such area must have a clear view of the proceedings.
      3.   No person shall take photographs or make other visual recordings of any meeting until he or she has informed the commission or committee Chairperson of such intent. (Ord. 2018-43, 11-1-2018)



1. 5 ILCS 120/1, et seq.