In accordance with the Open Meetings Act 1 , the following procedures are established for when a member of the public wishes to speak at an open meeting of a commission or ad hoc committee of the Village. Members of the public have no right to attend or speak at closed meetings. These procedures apply to all open meetings of the commissions or ad hoc committees of the Village, including regular, rescheduled or special meetings and study/workshop sessions.
   A.   Any individual seeking to address a public official at an open meeting of a commission or committee shall comply with the following:
      1.   All speakers shall provide their name before providing other comments. If the Village Clerk provides a sign-in sheet, each person wishing to speak shall sign in before commenting. Speakers are requested to, but are not required to, provide his or her address.
      2.   All speakers shall address their comments to the commission or committee Chairperson.
      3.   Comments shall be limited to three (3) minutes per person per topic. If the speaker requires an interpreter, either because of his/her limited English proficiency or because of a disability, he/she shall be allowed no less than six (6) minutes.
      4.   Comments shall be made in a civil manner, and comments that are personally condescending, abusive or slanderous will not be permitted. Behavior that is disruptive, unruly or threatening will not be permitted.
      5.   The public comment section of the meeting allows comments on any matter on the agenda; provided, however, that the commission or committee shall not take action on a matter raised in the public comment portion of the meeting unless that matter is otherwise on the agenda.
      6.   The commission or committee Chairperson has the authority to regulate the conduct of speakers and to waive subsection A3 of this section if, in his or her sole discretion, a waiver is appropriate. The commission or committee Chairperson also has the authority to preserve order at all meetings and to cause the removal of any person who fails to comply with these rules of procedure from the meeting. (Ord. 2018-43, 11-1-2018)



1. 5 ILCS 120/1, et seq.