For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CUSTOMER. Any person who uses and/or receives service from the municipal waterworks.
   LIVING UNIT. The meaning set forth in Ch. 162 of this code of ordinances for the occupancy of one family.
   LOT. Any parcel of land as set forth in Ch. 162 of this code of ordinances.
   MAJOR WATER MAINS. Water mains of not less than eight inches in diameter and looped at intervals of approximately every one-half mile, conveying water from wells or storage reservoirs to the various sections of the water distribution system.
   MUNICIPAL WATER SERVICE CHARGES. Amounts charged for making the municipal waterworks ready to serve particular lots, tracts or parcels of land and for establishing connection thereto.
   MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEM. A waterworks system which is owned, installed or operated by the village.
   OPERATOR. The operations and management contractor of the village or his or her authorized deputy, agent or representative.
   OWNER. Any person having legal title to a lot, tract or parcel of land for which usage or service from the municipal waterworks is provided and/or proposed.
   PRIVATE WATERWORKS. A waterworks system, which is owned, installed or operated by any person other than the village.
   SECONDARY WATER MAINS. A grid of water mains not less than six inches, but less than eight inches, in diameter connected to the major water mains to deliver the fire flow and domestic supply to the various properties and customers along their routes.
   WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. The grid of water mains which convey water from the source of supply to the point of use.
   WATER SERVICE CHARGES. Charges to an owner by the village for preparing the municipal waterworks to serve owner’s particular lot, tract or parcel.
   WATER STORAGE. A tank or tanks for storing water for common supply, fire protection and equalization of demands.
   WATER USAGE RATES. Amounts charged for the use of municipal waterworks.
   WATERWORKS. A water supply and distribution system in its entirety or any integral part thereof including, but not limited to, mains, hydrants, meters, valves, standpipes, storage tanks, pump tanks, intakes, wells, impounding reservoirs, pumps, machinery, purification plants, softening apparatus and all other elements useful in connection with such system intended to serve more than one dwelling, structure or building.
   VILLAGE. The Village of Wonder Lake.
(Ord. 350, passed 11-2-2011)