§ 50.04  CONTAINERS.
   (A)   All refuse which is placed for collection service outside any building, structure or premises must be kept in standard refuse containers. Sturdy plastic bags may be used or set out for pick up, as an alternate standard container. A self-dumping container should be employed when refuse exceeds an unusual nature.
   (B)   The occupant of every building structure or premises used or maintained in connection with any business, occupation or residence shall provide and maintain in good condition and repair a sufficient number of refuse containers for the temporary storage of all refuse accumulating between collections.
   (C)   The standard refuse container required shall be a receptacle of not less than 70 liters or 18.5 gallons, nor more than 130 liters or 35-gallon capacity, of impervious material and sturdy construction with a tight-fitting cover and equipped with handles properly placed and shall be of such weight that they can be handled by one man. Sturdy plastic bags of similar capacity of the standard containers may be used as an alternate containers unless otherwise specified.
   (D)   Garbage containers may be placed near the road edge for pick up no sooner than 5:00 p.m. on the day before pick up. Containers must be placed so as not to obstruct traffic or mail delivery. All refuse containers must be kept within the property lines of said individually owned property so as not to create an eyesore or health problem and preferably out of sight of the nearest roadway or street.
(Ord. 034, passed 1-25-1979; Ord. 34/A1, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 50.99