(A)   The wastewater service charge for the use of and for service supplied by the wastewater facilities of the village shall consist of a basic user charge, a debt service charge, a capital improvement charge and applicable surcharges.
   (B)   (1)   The basic user charge is levied on all users to recover the operation, maintenance, plus replacement (O,M&R) costs, and shall be based on a monthly flat rate charge for wastewater having the following normal domestic concentrations:
         (a)   A five-day, 20°C biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of 200 mg/l; and
         (b)   A suspended solids (SUS) content of 200 mg/l.
      (2)   The basic user charge shall be computed as follows:
         (a)   Estimate the annual wastewater volume, pounds of BOD and pounds of SUS to be treated;
         (b)   Estimate the projected annual revenue required to operate and maintain the wastewater facilities, including a replacement fund for the year, for all works categories;
         (c)   Proportion the estimated O,M&R costs to each user class by volume, BOD and SUS;
         (d)   Proportion the estimated O,M&R costs to wastewater facility categories by BOD and SUS; and
         (e)   Compute surcharge costs per pound for BOD and SUS concentrations in excess of normal domestic strengths.
   (C)   The debt service charge is computed by apportioning the annual debt service based on a special service area created by the village.
   (D)   The capital improvement charge is levied on users to provide for capital improvements, extensions or reconstruction of the sewage treatment works. The capital improvement charge is computed as approved by the Board of Trustees.
   (E)   (1)   A surcharge will be levied to all users whose waters exceed the normal domestic concentrations of BOD (200 mg/l) and SUS (200 mg/l). The surcharge will be based on sewage meters for all wastes which exceed the 200 mg/l concentrations for BOD and SUS respectively, and will be based on pounds contributed to the system.
      (2)   The concentration of wastes used for computing surcharges shall be established by waste sampling. Waste sampling shall be performed as often as may be deemed necessary by the operations manager and shall be binding as a basis for surcharges.
   (F)   The adequacy of the wastewater service charge shall be reviewed, not less often than annually, by certified public accountants for the village in their annual audit report. The wastewater service charge shall be revised periodically to reflect a change in local capital costs or O,M&R costs.
   (G)   The users of the wastewater treatment services will be notified annually, in conjunction with a regular bill, of the rate and that portion of the user charges which are attributable to the wastewater operation, maintenance and replacement.
   (H)   (1)   Devices for measuring the volume of waste discharged may be required by the operations manager.
      (2)   Metering devices for determining the volume of waste shall be installed, owned and maintained by the person. Following approval and installation, such meters may not be removed, unless service is canceled, without the consent of the operations manager.
   (I)   There shall be and there is hereby established a basic user charge of $35 per month to be applied to all users to recover O,M&R costs.
   (J)   There shall be and there is hereby established a debt service charge to be approved by the Board of Trustees.
   (K)   There shall be and there is hereby established a capital improvement charge to be approved by the Board of Trustees.
   (L)   A minimum charge of $35 per month shall be applied to all users. This minimum charge consists of $35 for O,M&R costs.
   (M)   The rates of surcharges for BOD and SUS shall be subject to Board approval.
(Ord. 216, passed 9-7-2005)