(A)   No person, firm or corporation shall dispose of any septic wastes upon any property of the village other than that property designated by the village from time to time.
   (B)   Disposal shall be limited to wastes from a septic toilet, or chemical closet, or any other water-tight enclosure used for storage of human excrement and/or domestic wastes.
   (C)   Disposal shall be permitted at the wastewater plant or other designated location on day and times posted by the village.
   (D)   All trucks, which are licensed by the village, shall be identified as follows:
      (1)   Owner’s name, address and telephone number;
      (2)   Liquid capacity; and
      (3)   The village permit number and year covered.
   (E)   For each load disposed at the village plant, the truck driver shall deliver to the operational office in the building designated on the permit, a signed, numbered ticket showing the identification number, liquid capacity of the load, time of arrival and departure, origin of the load, along with the telephone number of the originating source.
   (F)   Village operating personnel may require the load be dumped over a period of one-half hour or more depending upon the flow and characteristics of the incoming sewage of the plant.
   (G)   A sample may be taken by the village personnel of each truckload of waste delivered to the village wastewater facilities and shall be analyzed by the village for compliance with this subchapter.
   (H)   Persons disposing of waste at the wastewater facilities shall be responsible for cleaning up all the spills.
   (I)   The permittee shall furnish a list of authorized drivers to the village under this permit and keep this list current.
   (J)   The village reserves the right to reject any wastes delivered to the facilities of the village which the village believes may have an adverse effect on the treatment works and/or processes.
(Ord. 363, passed 3-7-2012)  Penalty, see § 53.99