(A)   Water conservation and rationing of water supply from the village water systems will be in effect whenever the village declares that the water supply or capacity of the village water system to deliver potable water is limited or in jeopardy of being unable to meet ordinary and usual supply demands.
   (B)   During periods of conservation and rationing, the terms and conditions of which may be set by the Board of Trustees by resolution from time to time, no person shall use water to sprinkle a lawn, nor use water through a hose to water any grass, garden, tree or shrub, nor shall any water be used from a hose to wash automobiles or fill swimming pools. See § 52.01 of this chapter.
   (C)   No unauthorized person may tamper with, open or operate any fire hydrant within the village limits.
   (D)   Notice of the practice of water conservation and rationing shall be posted at the roadway entrances to areas of the village served by the waterworks system.
(Ord. 350, passed 11-2-2011)  Penalty, see § 52.99