(A)   General. The water service charges are for the villages provision of water services and for furnishing an adequate capacity of water supply, storage, major distribution and materials for extending, connecting, expanding or replacing of the municipal waterworks in order to serve the applicant’s lot, parcel or tract of land.
   (B)   Turn-on and shut-off service charge. For the service of turning on and shutting off any water service, which is delinquent, change, enlargement, decreasing or discontinuation of service, a charge shall be paid as specified in division (G) below.
   (C)   Meter charges. All meters and remote reading heads installed in municipal or private systems shall be furnished by the village, upon application to the Village Clerk and upon the payment of the greater of 125% of the cost of such item.
   (D)   Installation charges. All cost of installing piping, valves, boxes, meters and remote reading heads and the like shall be at the sole expense of the customer.
   (E)   Waterworks connection charge (tap). For the privilege of connecting to the municipal waterworks, a fee shall be paid to the village prior to the connection of each building service pipe, as specified in division (G) below.
   (F)   Inspection. All installations and connections shall be inspected by the village and an inspection fee per connection shall be paid before water service is provided or permitted as specified in division (G) below.
   (G)   Rates.
      (1)   Water usage rate: $5.72 per 1,000 gallons;
      (2)   Minimum bill amount: 7,000 gallons or $40 per month, plus cost of living increase yearly January 1 of each year;
      (3)   Connection fee:
         (a)   One-inch residential service: $3,500; and
         (b)   Greater than one-inch service: to be calculated by Water Department.
      (4)   Late fee (past 20 days): 10% of billing amount;
      (5)   Permit fee: $100;
      (6)   Inspection fee: $50;
      (7)   Deposit for service: $35; and
      (8)   Turn on and shut off service charge: $50.
(Ord. 350, passed 11-2-2011)