(A)   There shall be and there are hereby established charges for the use of the municipal waterworks based on the amount of water consumed, as measured by water meters at the rate as specified in § 52.37 of this chapter per 1,000 gallons.
   (B)   Whenever, for any cause, a meter fails to operate or no measurement of the flow is available, or a meter was not or could not be read during normal route of reader, an estimate may be made by the operator or his or her designee of the amount of water supplied since the immediately previous reading and the user shall pay usage charges based on the estimated amount of water supplied.
   (C)   A minimum monthly charge as specified in § 52.37 of this chapter shall be charged on each meter but this minimum charge shall not be in addition to the user charges otherwise assessed.
   (D)   Charges for use of the municipal waterworks set forth in division (A) above shall be adjusted January 1 of every year on the basis of a cost of living adjustment (COLA) by such percentage as the cost of living may have increased during the previous year. Such cost of living adjustment shall commence 1-1-2013.
(Ord. 350, passed 11-2-2011)