(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer for sale, display, possess, furnish, supply or give away any cocaine spoon, marijuana pipe, hashish pipe or any drug paraphernalia.
   (B)   The prohibition contained in this subchapter shall not apply to manufacturers, wholesalers, jobbers, licensed medical technicians, technologists, nurses, hospitals, research teaching institutions, clinical laboratories, medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, dentists, chiropodists, veterinarians, pharmacists or embalmers in the normal lawful course of their respective businesses or professions, nor to public officers or employees which engage in the performance of their official duties, nor to persons suffering from diabetes, asthma or any other medical condition requiring self-injection, nor as permitted pursuant to 410 ILCS 130/1.
(Ord. 421, passed 6-3-2015)  Penalty, see § 131.99