§ 52.31  WATER METERS.
   (A)   Water meters shall be installed on all water services as required for the particular services for connection to village. The size of water meter shall be established upon the probable demand load. The demand load shall be based upon the number and kind of fixtures or connections installed and on the probable simultaneous use of these fixtures or connections as provided in the following table.
Probable Demand Load (G.P.M.)
Fixture Units Installed (Total)
Size of Meter (Minimum)
Probable Demand Load (G.P.M.)
Fixture Units Installed (Total)
Size of Meter (Minimum)
0 to 20
1 inch
15 to 30
1 inch
20 to 60
1-1/2 inches
60 to 180
2 inches
180 to 500
3 inches
500 to 900
4 inches
900 to 1,500
5 inches
By approval of the village only
6 inches
   (B)   All meters shall be furnished by the village and maintained by the user. All meters furnished by the village will include a remote reading head. The meter will be furnished at the time of application and inspected by village staff prior to occupancy.
   (C)   Water meter and remote reading head shall be installed by a qualified contractor employed by the user. The water meter shall be located in the basement or utility room or an accessible location where meter can be removed without the removal of any part of the building structure. The meter shall be installed horizontally. The meter shall not be installed in the following locations; crawl spaces, under kitchen cabinets or sinks, living rooms, under enclosed stairways, locations where meters are subject to flooding or freezing; coal bins, ventilation shafts and electrical panels or cabinets. The location of the meter shall be not more than 25 feet from the exterior remote reading head. The remote reading head shall be installed on the outside of the building in a location so that said meter can be read without obstruction or entering the building or enclosure.
   (D)   The metering facilities shall be installed in such a manner as to be plumb and to insure permanent attachment to a rigid, vibration free wall or structure.
   (E)   Where metering equipment is installed in multiple-occupancy building, the meters and reading heads shall be labeled, tagged or stenciled showing the location of customer served.
(Ord. 350, passed 11-2-2011)  Penalty, see § 52.99