9-2-1: FINDINGS:
   A.   The town council hereby finds and determines that expansion of land use and development within the town results in impacts upon public facilities and improvements and necessitates the construction and expansion of new public facilities, improvements, and services, including arterial and collector streets and bridges; water and sewer facilities; schools; pedestrian areas and community and neighborhood parks; police and fire services; drainageways; parking facilities; and other town facilities, improvements, and services (collectively, "public improvements").
   B.   The town council further finds and determines that it is appropriate and fair to require new development, not current citizens, to bear such proportionate share of the cost of the public improvements the town determines are reasonably necessitated by and of reasonable benefit to new development.
   C.   The town council further finds and determines it is fair, reasonable, and equitable for the town to plan for public improvements for the efficient and logical development of land within the town and to recover at or prior to development the cost of such public improvements from the properties benefitted by such improvements.
   D.   The town council additionally finds that new public improvements increase the value of and enhance the development potential of adjacent properties.  (Ord. 550, Series of 2021)