Fences, hedges and walls shall be permitted as accessory uses in all districts, subject to the following regulations: (Ord. 317, Series of 2002)
   A.   Fences, hedges and walls shall not obstruct sight distance at intersections for a minimum distance of thirty five feet (35') measured from property corners at intersections of streets, roads, highways and railroads except when the town engineer determines that the fence, hedge or wall should be less than three feet (3') in height to permit unobstructed vision of vehicles and pedestrians (intersection sight triangle), as defined by the "Town Of Winter Park Standards And Specifications For Design And Construction". (Ord. 459, Series of 2012)
   B.   Other than provided in subsection A of this section, fences, hedges and walls in residential areas shall not exceed six feet (6') in height and shall not exceed four feet (4') in height when located in front yards.
   C.   All fences, hedges and walls shall be placed on the property lines and must have mutual consent of all property owners.
   D.   All fences, hedges and walls shall be constructed of nonhazardous material. There shall be no barbed wire or aboveground electric fences in any of the districts. (Ord. 317, Series of 2002)