All home occupations must meet the following criteria in order to be in compliance with each zoning district. Exception: childcare services must obtain a special use permit.
   A.   Home occupations must be conducted entirely inside the dwelling unit, and/or accessory structure.
   B.   Home occupations may only be conducted by the permanent residents of the home.
   C.   Home occupations must clearly be a secondary use to the residence.
   D.   Home occupations shall not occupy more than five hundred (500) square feet of the total floor area of the home including the garage or accessory structures.
   E.   There shall be no visible or audible evidence from the outside of the home, that a home occupation is being conducted.
   F.   There shall be no signs allowed at the residence for the home occupation.
   G.   There shall be no excess vehicular traffic or deliveries.
   H.   There shall be no retail or wholesale sales at the home as the primary function of the home occupation.
   I.   All home occupations require the issuance of a business license per section 3-1-4 of this code. (Ord. 317, Series of 2002)