A.   In all districts, no garage, tent, trailer or other accessory structure shall be erected for residential purposes prior to construction of the main building. (Ord. 317, Series of 2002)
   B.   A temporary building or trailer to be used for storage, tool shed and job office is permitted as part of a contractor's or owner's equipment during the construction of a building or structure, provided it is located on the lot or development parcel on which the construction is occurring, and provided further that all appropriate town codes 1 requirements are met. Such temporary building or trailer shall be removed from the lot or development parcel prior to certificate of occupancy or if construction ceases on the lot or development parcel for thirty (30) days or longer. A special use permit must be approved by the planning and zoning commission prior to placing any temporary building for real estate sales on any construction site. (Ord. 454, Series of 2012)
   C.   No accessory structure shall be permitted nearer than ten feet (10') from the nearest wall of a primary unit, nor shall it be located within a required front, side or rear yard. No accessory structure shall be located on any easement, unless otherwise approved by the town council.
   D.   The footprint of an accessory structure shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the primary unit footprint, nor shall the total square footage of the accessory structure, including any accessory dwelling unit, exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total square footage of the primary unit 2 .
   E.   Accessory uses shall be compatible with the primary unit and shall not be established prior to the establishment of the primary unit. (Ord. 317, Series of 2002)



1. See section 6-1-1 of this code.
2. See also section 7-2-3, definition of "Accessory Structure", of this title.