A.   Establishment Of Districts: In order to effectively accomplish the aims and purpose of the master plan 1 , the town council shall, by these regulations, divide the town into districts of such number, shape and area of such common unity of purpose, adaptability or use that are deemed most suitable; and by further regulating within such districts to restrict the erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair or use of buildings, structures and land consistent with the master plan or as otherwise necessary in the protection and promotion of the public health, safety and general welfare.
The zoning districts now established for the town and their respective designations are as follows:
Single-family residential
Multiple-family residential
Multiple-family residential within Old Town (Winter Park Village Subdivision)
Mountain estate
Residential-commercial service
Destination center
Downtown business overlay
Limited commercial
Open space, forestry, agriculture, and recreational
Planned developments
(Ord. 317, Series of 2002)
   B.   District Boundary Map: The district boundaries are established and shown on the official zoning map adopted by resolution of the planning commission and town council. All future amendments thereto are hereby made a part of this title.
Unless otherwise defined on the map, district boundary lines are lot lines; the centerlines of streets, roads, highway rights of way, alleys, railroad rights of way or such lines extended; section lines; municipal corporate lines; centerline of streambeds; or other lines drawn to scale on the map. In the event of any discrepancy as to the zoning district applicable to any specific parcel of property within the boundaries of the town as between that depicted on the official zoning map and the town council action adopting such zoning, the zoning of said parcel shall be conclusively determined by reference to the last zoning or rezoning action of the town. (Ord. 398, Series of 2007)



1. See chapter 1 of this title.