(A)   Violation constitutes a misdemeanor. Violation of the provisions of this chapter or failure to comply with any of its requirements (including violations of conditions and safeguards established in connection with grants of variances) constitutes a misdemeanor and is punishable as defined by law.
   (B)   Other lawful action. Nothing in this chapter restricts the City of Winnebago from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation. If the responsible party does not appropriately respond to the Zoning Administrator within the specified period of time, each additional day that lapses will constitute an additional violation of this chapter and will be prosecuted accordingly.
   (C)   Enforcement. In responding to a suspected ordinance violation, the Zoning Administrator and City Council may utilize the full array of enforcement actions available to it including but not limited to prosecution and fines, injunctions, after-the-fact permits, orders for corrective measures or a request to the National Flood Insurance Program for denial of flood insurance availability to the guilty party. The city must act in good faith to enforce these official controls and to correct ordinance violations to the extent possible so as not to jeopardize its eligibility in the National Flood Insurance Program.
(Ord. 155-2019, passed - -19)