§ 152.134 AMENDMENTS.
   (A)   Justification for amendment. This chapter may be amended whenever the public necessity and convenience and the general welfare require such amendment by following the procedure specified in this section.
   (B)   Who shall initiate. An amendment may be initiated by the Council or the Planning Commission or by a petition of the owner or owners of the actual property involved.
   (C)   Planning Commission procedure. Before any amendment is adopted the Planning Commission shall hold at least one public hearing thereon after a notice of the hearing has been published in the official newspaper at least ten days before the hearing. Following the hearing the Planning Commission shall make a report of its findings and recommendations on the proposed amendment and shall file a copy with the City Administrator-Clerk-Treasurer within five days of the meeting at which the date of the hearing was set. Failure of the Planning Commission so to report shall be deemed to be approved by the Commission of the proposed amendment.
   (D)   Council procedure. Upon the filing of such report or upon the expiration of such five days as aforesaid, the Council may hold such public hearings upon the amendment as it deems advisable. After the conclusion of the hearings, if any, the Council may adopt the amendment or any part thereof in such forms as it deems advisable. The amendment shall be effective only if two-thirds of all the members of the Council concur in its passage.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96)